Swim Lessons

 To enroll in lessons, each individual MUST have some type of YMCA Membership. Click here for membership options.

Group Lessons

Pike| Child has limited to no formal swimming experience.

Will learn to float, put face in water, blow bubbles, and jump in with assistance.

Eel| Child can put face in water without hesitation, float, paddle to rest, and is comfortable jumping in with assistance.

Will learn to become independent in basic stroke mechanics

Starfish| Independent in the water, can swim 1/2 the length of the pool, turn around, and come back.

Will learn to master basic stoke techniques,  including front crawl with rotary breathing.

Shark| Completely independent in pool, can swim full length of pool, and is comfortable diving.

Will fine tune technique to prepare for competitive swimming.


Private Lessons

We offer private lessons in half-hour sessions for swimmers of all ages and abilities. You can work toward your personal goals 1-on-1 with an experienced instructor in a shared pool space.

We also offer lessons for teen and adult swimmers of all levels looking to overcome a fear of water, improve their strokes, or train for an event. Basic stroke techniques will be covered.

Parent & Child Class

Parent Child Swim Classes are designed to develop a sense of comfort and familiarity with the water. It is taught through group instruction utilizing songs, games, and other fun activities. Children work on basic movements with the help of a parent. New skills are introduced as the child is ready to learn.

All children under age 3 must wear a swim diaper.